Photography is a beautiful medium to express emotions, moods, stories & ones imagination. While there are various ways one can express these through various photographic styles, SILHOUETTE photography is a brilliant way to express.

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THE STORY TELLING: The best way to communicate or express is by capturing a story in a photograph. The beauty of SILHOUETTE photography is that one can experiment with moods, minimal colors, sharp forms & figures. It’s important to focus on the entire photographic composition rather than a single element or figure. All the elements together can convey an even stronger story.



LET THERE BE LIGHT: SILHOUETTE Photography is all about lighting. One needs to understand the source of light and tactfully use it. Using the light well as your background helps you to get your subject in focus and enhances your story telling.

NO CHAOS: To click an impactful SILHOUETTE photograph it is important to click sharp & crisp shots without any distortion. It is best to position oneself to avoid disturbing elements or backgrounds or foregrounds or any overlapping subjects & objects.

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EXPOSE WELL: Adjust your aperture, shutter speed & ISO well, the right amount that will help you create your SILHOUETTE foreground. All the drama lies in the way one can manage the over & under exposure to create a more striking composition.

As a photographer, you need to pay attention to these details and aesthetically trap the simplicity yet cohesive composition of SILHOUETTE photography.



Design Inspiration from Philippines!

A design update from the countries I visited and my observation(mainly design & art). The most recent place was the Philippines!
First of all, this is how they welcome you in Philippines (Coron) 🙂

To start off, we (my husband & I) flew down to Cebu from Singapore. Basis our travel research we gauged Cebu to be less happening and scenic (since it’s a metropolitan area), we traveled further to Bohol Island and decided to stay there, planned to spend a day in Cebu just before heading back to Singapore.

Places we visited: Bohol, Coron & Cebu (If you would like a travel guide do read about it here)

But Cebu was also a good experience. We stayed at Henry Hotel; highly recommend if you are traveling to Cebu. We had a positive experience; I especially loved it from the creative perspective. It is unique & quirky, vintage décor and good service. I came across beautiful works of Delphine De Lorme, a French artist, displayed there, very inspiring.

Delphine De Lorme works from ads, provocative titles, comics, and characters, layered by vintage cinema posters, with ripped edges. Her deconstructive work diverts the matter from its initial meaning by interpreting it and suggesting other narratives. Visit her website:

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