Photography is a beautiful medium to express emotions, moods, stories & ones imagination. While there are various ways one can express these through various photographic styles, SILHOUETTE photography is a brilliant way to express.

Picture 477

Picture 452

THE STORY TELLING: The best way to communicate or express is by capturing a story in a photograph. The beauty of SILHOUETTE photography is that one can experiment with moods, minimal colors, sharp forms & figures. It’s important to focus on the entire photographic composition rather than a single element or figure. All the elements together can convey an even stronger story.



LET THERE BE LIGHT: SILHOUETTE Photography is all about lighting. One needs to understand the source of light and tactfully use it. Using the light well as your background helps you to get your subject in focus and enhances your story telling.

NO CHAOS: To click an impactful SILHOUETTE photograph it is important to click sharp & crisp shots without any distortion. It is best to position oneself to avoid disturbing elements or backgrounds or foregrounds or any overlapping subjects & objects.

Picture 290

Picture 291

EXPOSE WELL: Adjust your aperture, shutter speed & ISO well, the right amount that will help you create your SILHOUETTE foreground. All the drama lies in the way one can manage the over & under exposure to create a more striking composition.

As a photographer, you need to pay attention to these details and aesthetically trap the simplicity yet cohesive composition of SILHOUETTE photography.



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  1. I particularly like the first image of the cranes. They look like hulking monsters caught at rest.

    1. Rashi says:

      I love that composition too 🙂

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